Friday, January 20, 2012

Prodigies and Fame

Talking with a friend of mine lately I realized how normal it is for people not to feel accomplished. Clearly this isn't news - it's something we see abundantly repeated in television, mostly when characters are being portrayed as reaching a mid-life crisis. The character lists off what they always wanted to do in life, proceeding to do or buy something compulsively once they realized they could no longer attain those goals or fulfill those old expectations.

But what I've noticed is that becoming famous or being recognized for your talents has become - nowadays - more desirable at a younger age. I think as we are being further surrounded by the kinds of stars that start their careers so young (i.e. Adele, Dakota Fanning, Justin Bieber, etc.) we have the impression that if we don't hurry up and do something great early on, there won't be the shock and awe factor that claims the publics' attention. And it's with this impression that my friend mentioned made her feel unaccomplished, when in truth she still has her whole life ahead - loads of time to actually perfect her talent.

What I can say about modern media is that it really is all about uniqueness: and age is only one factor. If all anyone can say about you and your talents is that you're so young! then you won't be headlining for long.

Take the time to enjoy life and whatever talent it is from which you expect to gain a wide-range fan base. Later, you will be thankful you don't have any mediocre work nationally out on display from your "prodigy" days.

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