Tuesday, March 27, 2012

College and Fashion Sense

A rant for all the perpetual in-class hoodie-, sweatpants-, and pajama-wearers:

When did not caring about what we wear in school become the social norm? What I have noticed more than anything (albeit in my complete fashion illiteracy) is the gargantuan transition from caring what people see you wearing in public in high school to the degree that, in college, students do not care at all what they wear in public. It's a growing epidemic, it seems, which effects most of the students at universities I have been to. For some reason, kids start to wear their comfort clothes on a daily basis as the semester goes on, then those comfort clothes turn into pajamas, then pretty soon people are lost in this limbo world between baggy comfy clothes and things-that-you-wouldn't-let-your-own-mother-shop-in-Walmart-with clothes. It's totally serious.

During the "Love" unit of my Psychology class, I learned that in first impressions other people will judge you in aesthetics first, sizing you up on physical appearance in just the first 10 seconds of seeing you. Most likely that 10 seconds will in part encompass the vibe they receive from seeing your choice of dress. I cannot say on behalf of other people, but I would have to say by default that if I saw someone come in to class in all sweats I might wonder at first why they could be wearing these comfort clothes; are they wearing them for athletics or were they running behind on laundry? However, if both these inquiries are proved wrong at their continued arrival to the class in sweats, I would automatically assume the person is just lazy.

What I have to say about our precious college times is that we should be enjoying these last few years of complete freedom of personal expression in our clothing taste and choices. We should be wearing what makes us feel good about ourselves - what we feel makes us look the best. Because pretty soon, after college graduation, we're all going to have to wear lame business suits, or at least some kind of conservative uniform that characterizes us as a part of someone else's company image. We must make our own image while we still can.

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