Sunday, March 25, 2012

On The Hunger Games

As this weekend marked the beginning of the "Hunger Games" movie series, I thought I'd take some time to review my favorite parts of the book and movie adaptation together.

The Hunger Games (speaking of the first book in the trilogy by Suzanne Collins) is as close to the real psychology that goes into "life and death" scenarios as it gets in written Young Adult fiction books. In reading the books a couple years ago, and then just recently, I came to find how necessary every single part in the books came to be. It was as if every sentence had a special piece that fit in the puzzle that created this beautiful, vivid story.

I think this is why, while watching the first movie adaptation as it premiered last Friday, the movie was so close to the entire story I'd pictured while reading. Whereas other popular best-sellers of this immense fan-base that had been adapted in the cinema had been altered in some points to completely drain the realness of that the book , Suzanne Collins's best-seller in The Hunger Games was different in that the movie adaptation very close an encapsulation of the book. The movements that pulled along the famous Hunger Games story were written - I felt - like a play-by-play. Given this perfectly crafted plan, there was no way the filmmakers could have gotten the film wrong. And for the most part they did not disappoint.

That said, the film adaptation did leave out a lot of important parts (i.e. Peeta's slow recovery, the sleeping medicine, the conversion of Katniss's "on-camera" feelings into a real love for Peeta) but the impossibility that all the book could be revived was real once you found out it was already 2 and a half hours long! Unless they were on some sort of mission of surpassing the length of the 2005 version of King Kong, The Hunger Games movie could not possibly have included every dynamic that made the book so great.

As an avid reader, of all the books I've read I can say that this is the character I have felt most attached to. Suzanne Collins did a flawless job at putting me in Katniss Everdeen's shoes. I never felt apart from her in the feelings she had and the realness of the consequences of her actions. Katniss is such a strong person physically and mentally that she makes the reader want to be a stronger person. I think this shows the marks of a great writer and a great story when we can relate to their characters' actions so closely - so much so that we even come to idolize them.

I preferred only to go into a broad sense of what it felt like to read The Hunger Games and compare it to the movie because I do not believe in spoilers (even if there is a disclaimer written in the article or blog, or said in the video or news clip beforehand).

Read the book, see the movie! The Hunger Games is a story that will lastingly enrich your life.

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