Monday, March 12, 2012

Things That Make Me Happy

- Instantly!

1) Driving the Jeep down country roads in warmer weather while enjoying the wind and heat on my face.
2) Men in bow-tie.
3) Biking.
4) Motorcycling.
5) Eating healthy.
6) Painting.
7) Watching "The Outsiders".
8) Reading fantasy novels before bed; promptly dreaming about them that night.
9) Exploring.
10) Proving people wrong.
11) Hearing Ed Sheeran's voice.
12) Seeing people truly happy with the person they married.
13) Singing in the shower, and telling myself it sounds like Hayley Williams from Paramore.
14) Every answered prayer.
15) Reading John Green's books.
16) Laughing at the same things as my friends and knowing no one else would understand.
17) Learning about different cultures and places.

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