Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Travel Writing and Inspiration

I read a blog post today by Elizabeth Eslam (elizabetheslam.com) that refueled the fire I have deep inside for writing. It reminded me of how fluidity and naturality in a piece of work make you crave more writing of that sort. When we can feel the words and get lost in them - when words just make perfect sense - that is when a person becomes a reader. However, for some people this is hard to come by. You have to read things that make sense to you first and get a sense for youself of what speaks to you.

The reason I bring this up is that once you have a good understanding and feel for what is good writing, you can take that skill with you wherever you go. An extremely exciting aspect of a career in travel writing is that you can take doses of inspiration everyday. As long as you are on the job, you're always in a new place, carefully detailing the new world around for documentation. This would be the ultimate dream job for myself - as you can probably take from previous posts that I love both travel and writing.

Last summer I traveled the northwestern United States on the back of my grandpa's motorcycle. While going through Yellowstone National Park, out of nowhere I came up with an entire sermon I wanted to give to my youth group about the importance of being yourself, and the consequences of letting some guise rule you for too long. It was like an outline started forming in my mind, with detailed points, examples and everything. At about the same amount of time, I lost the idea leaving the Park. It was extremely weird how inspiration just hit me like that, and extremely unfortunate (just for that moment) that I was on the back of a motorcycle (without pen and paper). Good, natural ideas don't just happen like that every day. In my experience and opinion, it takes new sights and discoveries to be inspired.

Going back to the topic of travel writing as a career: I can see a life filled with constant mobility and insight, made to enrich the lives of any reader that might come across my documented work.

Everyone deserves to have a career that enriches their life.
...I'll just have to work on the salary thing for mine later.

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