Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Have I mentioned I'm Nervous?

If I haven't already, well, you'll soon hear it enough.

So in exactly two days I will be on a plane, travelling the terrifyingly large expanse of the Atlantic Ocean. Now I love heights, don't get me wrong - I plan to sky-dive in the near future - but oceans make me exceedingly anxious. Unlike my long list of "Things That Make Me Happy" I wrote in a previous blog post, I could only name a few things that inflict the opposite feelings; among these things are the mysteries of the ocean.

In my defense, I think everyone has some fear of the general "unknown". Not knowing what could happen, not knowing what a person thinks of you, not knowing what the future holds; it's all part of being human (Random footnote: "Being Human" - amazing show!) For me, I am terrified of what mysteries lie in the ocean. There are so many species we have yet to unveil in marine biology alone, and when the ocean takes up 71% of the world, I'm not taking my chances in swimming around in it. So knowing I will be in a plane - and that the chances that my plane will go down during those long hours across the ocean are minimal - my concern might seem irrational, but these are the kinds of thoughts that run through my head when fear stirs my anxiety into a frenzy. The enormous depth of it, the mysterious deadly giants which have yet to be documented - it's all too frightening a concept for dwelling. Have I mentioned I'm nervous?

Regardless, I have an amazing reward waiting for me at the end of that flight. But until then I intend to immerse myself in the beautiful fantasy world that Aprilynne Pike has created in her new book release of "Destined".

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