Friday, June 8, 2012

Thoughts on Future Communication

I never realized how dangerously distracting the Internet could be until I recently purchased my first smart phone - joining the current mainstream.

It feels as though I have the world at my fingertips. Within the first hour of purchasing my iPhone 4S, it was like I was in an unbreakable trance. Though the novelty of it has not yet warn off, I still question what all this much power could do if it was available to everyone. Would we still function? ...Would we need to? Though I do not think for a second that the smart phone in general will put us where the citizens of the distant future in "Wall-e" are, I do think that it will produce a dramatic change in the way we interact. Here I am, speaking like a real, ambiguous politician, stating that there will be dramatic change in the future. So to defend my speech, I've written about a few things that I found most distracting about having a smart phone and what current activity I think its features will easily substitute:

Also not a feature to lightly skim over in a topic such as this: the fact that Siri can actually KEEP YOU COMPANY. Yes, you can actually hold a conversation with your electronic portable telephone now. And if that feature may be a result of Apple, Inc.'s attempt to balance out the social blocks the new technology will allow, the answer currently will stay a mystery.

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