Saturday, September 15, 2012

Adjusting to Fickle Places - Erasure Poems

My latest bit of homework for a Creative Writing class I am taking this semester involved having to take away parts of an informational text by crossing out bits to create a poem of the leftover words. Out of the 5 "Erasures" we were assigned I was most pleased with the results of a National Geographic magazine article. From the article "Outer Banks" issued last Thursday, on September 13, I created the following Erasure Poem:

To explain why I’ve been hit by a passion for walking down a
Dusty road after I’ve seen a lot and I’ve lived deeply,
Nothing seems sweeter for me than what is personal.
Even though I’m usually scattered around trees
I bought a house here.
Something about the capriciousness of the weather suddenly
Served as a reminder that at any moment the fickle will
Fling you into the sky.
I’m not going anywhere for a while because
When there’s no hurricane, life is at its best.

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