Wednesday, September 12, 2012

"Chase That Happy"

Burn all your inhibitions!
What are you—18, 20 years old?
What is it you want most in this life?
Is it to be inadequate, or to just get by with a set amount of effort?
What gets your creative juices flowing?
Is it a hike in the park? Is it a jog at sunset following a difficult day at college? Is it biking across
campus when you’re almost late for class?
Why not use activities such as these to propel you to work towards what you want most in life?
What is nagging at you, constantly building in you that you have yet to unleash?
Is it a novel you’ve been working on? A screenplay? What about learning to play guitar, or
mastering the chords to that favorite song of yours that you want to impress on your girlfriend or boyfriend?
What in God’s name is keeping you from that?
Where have your dreams gone?
What hinders you from putting pen to paper, mouth to microphone, fingers to fret?
Don’t kid yourself: We all want something most keenly in this life.
Where is what you want?
What is it?
The world is your oyster and you cannot tell me it’s too late.
You have dreams, as silly as that must sound; we all do.
More than ever, we are a generation with more sources for exploration, more opportunities and
mediums through which to achieve our dreams.
In the words of Ze Frank we must, “Chase that happy!”
Why oh why do we dream so much? We’re like children that know no bounds—fantastically and
monetarily. Why can't you and I just be normal? Why can't we just stay happily (mentally and physically) at home when we have leisure time; get wasted, forget what happened the night before; get tattoos and show them off to everyone we know—use them to tell the exciting things about ourselves that we’re too afraid to voice? Or is it just that everyone else in our class is abnormal in their fantastical and wayfaring tendencies also, but they must keep it to themselves because they do not have a mutual friend with whom they can be comfortable enough to tell that they aren't alone in their weird tendencies?
We all have that itching tendency.
We aren't the only strange ones in our classes. I just know it. But I feel like it all the time. More
so now that college is so forthwith in accepting normals—“mundanes”. We are people, like those apparent mundanes. But I think that in the minds of those of you who hear me now, the ones that understand what I’m going on about, your souls are scattered in multiple places around the world, and we have to keep dreaming about those places which are around the world, because it is only there—traveling there and seeking our scattered souls in the process—that you and I may ever find peace.
If you may have a fantastic feeling about something important to you, but then life happens, it’s
impertinent that you chase that happy, no matter what they may entail for you.

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