Monday, October 22, 2012

A Revolution in Today's Learning

A Revolution in Today’s Learning:
John and Hank Green’s Crash Course!

By: Jenny Riley

There is currently a revolution taking place in modern day learning. Online resources that have developed ever since the advent of computers now allow anyone with Internet access the ability to be his or her own teacher. Take for example the online channel Crash Course! created by siblings John and Hank Green of the famous YouTube community “Vlogbrothers”.

Crash Course! is an interactive non-profit YouTube channel which produces videos of brief and concise lectures on anything concerning biology and world history. (These topics of discussion are led onscreen by Hank and John respectively). Topics for discussion in the videos are selected often by the popularity shown from comments on previous videos, usually entailing the number of “thumbs up” for particular ideas submitted by viewers, which appear in the comment section under the video. Crash Course! has a team of specialized video editors who collaborate with Hank and John on graphics, often allowing for onscreen annotations by which the viewer is able to click on in order to be directed to previous parts or other sources if the information discussed is confusing for the viewer.

The information is never dull in Crash Course! videos—often Hank and John make jokes or relate new information on the topic to current events, or even comical events in their lives, for better viewer understanding of the topics. Normally the introduction leading into the theme tune of Crash Course! videos will end with one of the brothers making a joke about the topic, usually incorporating an evident stereotype of the topic being discussed in each video. These jokes serve as brilliant openers to the educational videos and provide viewers with a great starting point for understanding the rest of the informational topics. And if that is not enough to have viewers running back to their computers every week for the purpose of learning more about important worldly and scientific facts, then the amazing and colorful graphics and editing techniques which serve the teaching of the lectures onscreen should do the job.

A new video is released on YouTube’s channel Crash Course! biweekly, so its archive of information is always growing, along with the knowledge of these videos’ viewers. Utilizing modern technology to teach oneself online has never been so much fun.

Check out Crash Course!’s related channel, SciShow, in which Vlogbrother Hank Green talks about all things SCIENCE:

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