Tuesday, March 26, 2013

20 Things to Do Before I Die

For my Health and Fitness course, we were assigned to make a list of 20 things we would like to do before we die. These are a few things I've constantly hoped to achieve throughout my life.

1)      Have a thriving garden from which I can eat my own veggies and herbs.
2)      Have at least one published novel.
3)      Read all of Walt Whitman’s work.
4)      Teach English in a foreign country.
5)      Keep a dream journal every day for a year.
6)      Meet one of my favorite authors.
7)      Change stereotype for typical American in the eyes of at least one person in a 3rd world country.
8)      Spend one winter snowmobiling in Montana.
9)      Continue being a pescovegetarian throughout my life.
10)   Love a man I feel equal with, above all other attributes.
11)   Continue to skydive every year.
12)    Try to live in New York for at least 3 months, overcoming my phobias of small spaces and elevators.
13)   Learn to speak Spanish fluently.
14)   Retire in Montana.
15)   Scale Devil’s Tower in Wyoming.
16)   Have a job that I can bike or walk to every day.
17)   Keep the blog I have now throughout my entire life.
18)   Take lessons in surfboarding.
19)   Try different foods any time I have the chance to.
20)   Retire somewhere in the mountains, with way too many all-terrain vehicles.

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