Tuesday, March 5, 2013

My Life Pro Tips (Mostly College Student Edition)

Recently, one of my favorite YouTube vloggers, Hank Green of the "Vlogbrothers" channel, made a sort of video response to the trending LifeProTips on Reddit.com. This has inspired me to record a few of my own nifty daily life tips, which I consider to be surprisingly helpful in my daily routines. I have listed all that I can think of below on this blog post.

Disclaimer: I am currently only 19 years old, and therefore absolutely do not constitute the best source for tips that would be beneficial to those much older than myself. These are tips I have learned to be helpful at home or at college. Enjoy!

1) Put Vaseline or some other lip balm on your lips before bed. It usually helps reduce the amount I need to put on during the day, especially during the winter when the air is so dry.

2) Replace soda with water, or at the very least, juice. Significantly cutting the sugar out of my diet has proven to be extremely easy once I cut out soda a few years ago, and I no longer crave anywhere near the amount I had before in my diet.

3) Instead of creamer, use milk to lighten soften the bitterness in your coffee if you don't drink it black. (Better yet, drink soy or almond milk. You won't be filled up so much by your coffee or cereal if you use either of these alternatives, so you can eat other foods with your meal. The better the variety, the healthier the meal is for you! A good objective is to try to make your plate as colorful (naturally, not artificially speaking) as possible).

4) Really, truly eat as little of the red meats as you must! Baked or raw fish is a good replacement if you're looking to shed a few pounds, or just it is a meal that won't make you feel sluggish afterward.

5) Listen to classical music while doing something creative, whether it be creative writing, art projects, or even math homework. I am one of those people who gets distracted by the slightest noise, especially in listening to music with lyrics. Classical music has soft crescendos and decrescendos that level out the noise around you, creating a good alternative to absolute silence where you notice slight distractions such as tapping feet, the air conditioner, or any other disturbance. Though any kind of white noise could do the trick. If classical music does not also suit your fancy, try the white noise app called Sleep Pillow, and see if the sounds of rain, crackingly fire, or thunder might help.

6) Use honey instead of buying cough medicine! Honey is usually the main ingredient in cough medicine anyway, and you don't have to take in the chemicals companies add into it along with the natural stuff that your throat actually needs.

7) Join ONE activity when you go away to college, at least! Trust me. I joined Equestrian Team just for the hell of it one semester at the beginning of university and I met my best friend there. Joining activities is crucial to meeting new people - especially when first going away to college, where nobody knows anyone and others are more open to meeting new people.

8) Keep doing that thing you did before you went away to school! If you give up completely on your old hobbies, you'll lose that escape you needed to get yourself away from college for a bit. My escape has been reading recreationally. Without reading, after I while I become homesick. Make sure that you allot yourself time to keep doing these things on top of the homework you already have to do.

9) Thank you letters! It is so important to formally thank people while going through college. Whether it is for a committee member accepting you into their group, a friend on campus going out of their way to grab you a few things in between classes while you're sick in your dorm, or just your grandmother sending you a care package, nothing is more memorable (especially nowadays with the convenience of text messaging and email).

10) Try to eat a piece of fruit or leafy greens with every meal. Fiber is important in a college student's diet, especially since we do a lot less moving around and a lot more sitting at our desks in minimal living space.

11) ALWAYS keep a water bottle, gym clothes, and tennis shoes in your backpack! You will be much more likely to go to the recreational center (a.k.a gym) if you have all your gear with you. As I said in the previous tip, living a more sedentary lifestyle will be new to a lot of college students, especially those who partook in physical activities in high school. The "Freshman-15 [pounds]" doesn't just happen from all the lovely convenient dining hall foods - it happens also because we spend so much more time at desks, without a regular exercising routine. Make it convenient for your new lazy self and keep the gym gear in your backpack!

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