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Valentine's Jocelyn

The following work is a bit of fan fiction I wrote for a final project in my Young Adult Literature class. This is the only bit of creative writing I have had assigned this semester in college, and that is why I have been so behind on my blogging activity. Hopefully, this summer will open me up to much more leisurely creative writing time. The work is from Lucian Greymark's point of view - a Shadowhunter turned werewolf in Cassandra Clare's first novel City of Bones, of the Mortal Instruments series. I hope you enjoy my take on Lucian's receival of the news that the love of his life will soon be married to Valentine - who is quite obviously the antagonist of the Mortal Instruments series. 

This story takes place 20 years before the time frame in City of Bones.

Valentine's Jocelyn:
Fan Fiction Project
            Jocelyn Fairchild. Just the utterance of her name sends such bittersweet feelings through me. At first, I feel such bliss to associate the name with the beautiful, fiery woman I know so well, and with whom I have the pleasure of sharing such an intimate friendship. However, then there are the feelings of sadness associated with it, the reminder that I cannot ever acknowledge the lightness in my heart when I hear her name. To let my feelings for her be known at a time such as this would be to destroy the very foundation of our friendship.
“To love is to destroy, and to be loved is to be the one destroyed,” my good friend Valentine had once told our Circle – a group of conspirators against the Clave, the order that governs our entire society of Shadowhunters in the hidden city of Idris, located near Prague in the mundane world.
Valentine Morgenstern is the leader of our group in the Circle. Only months ago he started dating my Jocelyn. It was a great honor for her to be with the leader of the Circle, not to mention the star student of our generation of Shadowhunters in Idris. All I could do was stand by when they began dating, and congratulate Jocelyn on the news of their union when it was scheduled for today, the first day of summer.
I remember the moment she told me the news. It was before she announced it to her own parents: the impending betrothal of her to an honorable descendent of the Morgensterns. We were both leaving the seraph blade-wielding portion of our Weaponries class on our way to the mess hall.
“Lucian, wait!” Jocelyn said urgently, finishing up her conversation with a partner of hers she had been assigned for the “Defensive Techniques” section of our class. She was quite better than her partner Amorietty Hearting, and I felt sorry when our professor had mistakably matched her with Jocelyn Fairchild, the Shadowhunter least equal to her in skill with a seraph blade than anyone else in our class.
I turned and waited, using the time to put my class materials away. To be truthful, I had run with them still in my hands, deciding to jam them into my messenger bag during the walk down the corridor to the mess hall, so as to have time to catch up with Jocelyn. This was supposed to be the day that I asked her to the spring ball.
“Hey.” She looked at me with a shy smile, rushing to continue walking down the corridor beside me. “I, uh – I have some news.”
She was beaming up at me, with her red curls falling back as she held my gaze. I smiled back, basking in the radiance of her smile. I laughed when she began to skip a little as we walked. “Tell me, girl! The anticipation is killing me!”
“Oh, all right! Valentine has proposed to me. But you mustn’t tell anyone! I’ve only just told you now. I wanted to see how you received this news. Am I crazy in wanting this so soon?”
“I’m a bit surprised. You haven’t been seeing him half a year.” I saw that she was walking much slower now, carefully intent on reading my expression.
“I am well aware, as I am sure everyone else will be.” She looked down. “But if you can be happy about this decision in the long term – and see it in that way, as we do – then maybe you will understand that it will not matter that we have only been seeing each other a short while. It is customary to marry fresh out of school. And we have both decided stay in Idris and continue with the work of the Circle –”
“…Which should be cause for allowing you more time to get to know each other. Why not use this time to get to know Valentine? Couples marry to commit to each other as they are needed in cities separated by distances as large as seas or oceans. Because you have decided to stay here, why is it so urgent that you two must marry now?”
Jocelyn and I were now entering the line of hungry Shadowhunters, each hoping to eat a quick meal before Runes class. I had become increasingly quieter with my response to Jocelyn as we neared our peers. I was so intent on making sure they did not hear our conversation, as to defend the secrecy with which she hoped to contain her news at present. I had not noticed the reddening of her face, or the tear running down her cheek.
“Lucian. How could you say this? I thought – I thought you of all people would understand that I love him – you being the one who best knows the both of us.”
I leaned down to place my thumb under her chin, to wipe away the tear that streaked halfway down her face. “Jocelyn, you know I support your decision. I can see that I have made you unhappy. I just know how committed you become with your feelings, and I don’t want you to make a decision on impulse when it is one as significant as this.”
She put her hand around my wrist, gently tugging it away from her face. “I can’t do this. I have to go.”
“Jocelyn!” I took off after her, as she had made a run for the doors leading out to the courtyard. I tried to catch her at the door and block her path, but as we both well knew, she was faster than me, and probably had the benefit of adrenaline on her side. She stopped to meet me at the marble statue of the Angel Raziel in the middle of the empty yard.
She stood facing away from me. “Joce, please.” I put my hand on her shoulder, willing her to turn around. “Look at me.”
“How do you expect me to take this news? I expected to have a hard time from my family, but not from you. No, from you I expected to find comfort when my family heartily disagreed with my decision. My impulsive decision tainted by irrational young love, yeah?” She said this to the raised feet of Raziel, the angel who created our species of Shadowhunters in the year 1234 CE, when he arose from the water of Lake Lyn, holding the Mortal Cup and Sword that started the first breath of our ancestors.
After a pensive moment, she finally turned, and I dropped my hand.
I looked her in the eyes. “I trust your decision fully. I know how much marriage means to you and your family, and I’m sure you have weighed the prospect of your eternal binding to Valentine much more thoroughly than I initially believed. He’s a great man.” I sighed. “I love you, and I know you will be happy with him.”
“Just as happy as I am to hear you say that. Thank you, my dear friend.” Jocelyn kissed both sides of my face before taking my hand in hers. I smiled with sincerity, greatly satisfied to see her mood lighten, to see a hint of the glow that appeared on her face at the first mentioning of her big news.
“I have to meet with him now, before Runes class. But please be at my house tonight. I must tell my parents then. We plan to be married the first day of summer.”
I squeezed her hand. “Then I will be there.”
She laughed. “And at the wedding, as well?”
I smiled tightly. “I will be there, too.”
Jocelyn Morgenstern. Now as I see her in her ceremonial gold gown, passing down the aisle, courted by her new husband, I cannot help but notice a deep sadness in her eyes when she looks my way. Valentine looks to me as well, though when I catch his eye, I see something much different. I see a smile that does not quite reach his eyes, and the subtle upturn of his chin when I meet his glance. It is a small gesture that seems to establish superiority, and I cannot help but feel that it is directed toward more than just me, as Valentine turns his head, and stoically beholds the entirety of the Shadowhunters in the church courtyard, with his Jocelyn a mere object by his side.

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