Tuesday, August 20, 2013

LOST and Creative Writing

Is searching for writing inspiration in a television series possible? Is it a good idea to spend my time doing it?

Though I have stacks of books still lying on my bedside table waiting to be read before the end of summer when I leave to go to school in Northern Ireland, I can hardly drag myself away from seeing through the entirety of the Lost television series. As I friend of mine said, "Watching Lost is like reading a long, elaborate novel." The series so deeply delves into the lives of each of the characters to a point where I have to watch every episode to see where their decisions take them, and how brilliantly the creators of the series further the character development in each of them nearly in every episode. There's so much depth in it all that it truly feels like the experience of reading a good book series. The only way I see myself finishing all the books that need to be read in the next 2 weeks is if I put watching the series on hold, but that only leaves a paradox: If I quit watching the series cold turkey, that will leave me working out the line of the story and characters of Lost in my head, while I try in vain to thoroughly understand and care about the characters in the different books currently on my to-read list. Would it be more beneficial to see through the long TV series to watch good character development in action, or would it be better to read a few different stories and have the chance to explore different authors' modes of doing so?

I don't have much time to think on this, but I figured writing about how I am currently spending my time off after work and before school would give me a better idea about what would be a waste of time. Probably what I should have started off when writing this post was that I feel I am in a time crunch to explore some creativity in the hopes that it could spark some of my own.

I believe I'm on my way. I believe it starts with an appetite for inspiration.

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