Thursday, August 1, 2013

SOC 3 - Blatant Forced Writing

Everything has taken on a rather dream-like quality - I probably had too much allergy medication. The house will be quiet for the next few weeks as Grandma will be in Canada.

Skipping instantly from through three different kinds of tenses in my writing, and all within just two sentences, reminds me of the terribly nonsensical grammar worksheets we had to do in Spanish class throughout school.

I can't pretend that I'm all here right now, or that when I feel drugged up is the best time to start writing a stream of consciousness for my blog - something official with which I am sending out into the Internet world with my proper name written all over it. But hey, you have to start somewhere.

I have work in a few hours. I don't expect arriving there in this fuzzy state will do me much good. "It's just a pizza job" and "People already have the tip amount they expect to give under any circumstances solidly in mind." These are the thoughts that help me through work days like this.

I had three cups of coffee with the allergy meds. Has that helped or hindered my current state?

This is more like a lucid dream. Actually, I think I'd have more control if this were a dream. Will a nap get me out of this stupor? That can't be what I need; I slept for a good nine hours last night.

I've literally gotten to the point of writing down nothing. Stream of consciousness, please enlighten me with the writing prowess I had hoped for in beginning you.

One more cup of coffee.

Nothing nothing nothing.

Time to go outside. Engage me, vitamin D. Allergies, your work here is done.

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