Monday, October 7, 2013

A Giant Revolving Globe of Dependency

This is my world. Through it, I see 7 billion people who want to be needed. I see babies depending that their every need be met by their mothers. I see fathers relying on the health of their families. I see siblings bickering and bantering. I see managers demanding. I see fickle female peers and middle-aged women pining. I see the elderly reluctantly requiring...

I see the world as it is: a giant, revolving globe of dependency.

To persistently claim that I am on my own - as I have subconsciously done for the past few years of college - I have rather psychologically regressed. As I can't go back and rightfully meet with graciousness every encounter with a person who quenched my needs in some way or other, I'll take this most recent discovery and remember it every day forward. I'll thank the people who wander upon my life like shining beacons, spotting my solitary bobbing boat across the way. I'll thank them for reeling me in, little by little, every day closer to that homey shore.

This post was inspired after a long hike with my friend Gavin.

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