Thursday, November 21, 2013

Two Magical Species

An alternate ending (fan fiction) to the 1992 film "Ferngully: The Last Rainforest."

The claws of a large crane reflected in Zak's gaze. Immediately, I let go of his hands and looked behind me. Nothing unnatural stirred the forest. Was it an apparition of my mind? It had been a year since that combine had ripped Ferngully apart, forcing our leader Magi to give her life for its revival, just when it seemed almost too late. Now the forest stood in its former glory, filled with a beautifully energetic life which seemed to pierce Zak's soul upon his return. I loved seeing that spark ignite in him - the brush framing his face reminds me of its source.

But oh, poor Magi! I promised her I'd never speak to humans, much less marry one! And here I was, consenting to a life-long promise never to leave a human's side, right on the very grounds for which she gave her life. The air I now breathed was Magi's, the trees currently surrounding us her children, the broader trees her wise ancestors. Even now as I close my eyes I hear them whisper their secrets.

I close my eyes tighter and listen closely to the trees, distancing myself from the tail-end of Zak's question.
"Listen...Listen to Magi..." they seem to sing.
"She lives through does Zak's spirit."
"Remember what the heart's stronger than any force of nature...human or fae"
The memory of Zak's words ringed in my ears. "There's a part of me that still wants to stay..."
"There's a part of you that will always stay." The reminder of my staunch response is so powerful, it feels as though every tree in every forest on earth has whispered them.

Magi's spirit and the spirits of her ancestors do not have to tell me what this means - I already know. Rather, I knew a year ago when Zak first spoke the very words which bound him to Ferngully. "There's a part of me that still wants to stay." And I know that our spirits are already joined. They were joined on this day, one year ago, when Magi gave her life for a new beginning, so that a human boy could join ranks with the fae, and harmonize two magical species for all time.

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