Sunday, November 17, 2013

What I'll Bring Home to America

I've noticed how my subconscious has already begun a list of things I want to do as soon as I go back to America. It's been such a productive two months for my emotional and spiritual development. I hope to carry home with me all my new ideals. These are just some which seem to come to mind at the moment, though I know there are so many other ways this semester abroad has changed my life for the better.

-Be more aware of the source from which the foods I put into my body come.
-Ask a person how they feel when they seem distraught, even if they're a complete stranger.
-Give family members a nudge when they seem to have been quiet for some time.
-Better recognize when someone gets a light in their eyes from something they're talking about - keep it lit with interjections of encouragement, and associate them with that topic for future discussion.
-Read more non-fiction.
-Be there for my younger brothers, allowing them in time to see me as a comfort when I come home.
-Encourage my younger cousins with their schoolwork by emphasizing the importance of education.
-Spend more time with my aunt.
-Ask Grandma if she can teach me to knit and crochet.
-Play more board games with Grandma and her boyfriend.
-Encourage more dinners with cell phones put away.
-Take more photos.
-Be more active in the equestrian team next semester.
-Take more trips in the Jeep with Mom.
-Build a friendlier relationship with my older brother.
-Grow my own plants.
-Continue to learn more about cooking with raw ingredients, and if I must eat out, know that I don't have to order a full meal.
-Treasure every moment of bonfire season (it truly is an under-appreciated American tradition).
-Read at least a few pages of some kind of text before bed every night (don't let the computer screen be the last thing I see before bed).
-Read all the books my aunt recommended one should read before they die.
-Meet more internationals at my home university.

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