Monday, April 28, 2014

A Review of Mike Falzone's "Never Stop Shutting Up"

I just read Mike Falzone's Never Stop Shutting Up, and though I love the man's presence on YouTube, I have to say that I found very little takeaway upon finishing reading his book. In his short book, he gives brief anecdotes of mistakes he's made and learned from in his life, along with lists of advice to his readers. This was all well done as far as his getting across what needs to end in relationships, what insecurities are impeding one from self-confidence, etc. But the book seemed to lack a central theme that would have tied it all together to make a memorable experience for the reader. Already I'm finding myself forgetting what was supposed to be the point of a few of his brief rants and anecdotal experiences, and I only just finished reading it all an hour ago.

The man definitely has an apparent poetical presence and wisdom that is seldom found in the community of YouTube vloggers. He still remains one of my favorite YouTubers for the passion he brings to the camera. Unfortunately, this passion just didn't seem to translate well for me to the page. As an English major, I found myself highly distracted by the number of mistakes in the editing and the lack of a central theme.

However, I still do believe Mike Falzone's book to be worth the read. For me, especially with my experience in a failed long-distance relationship, the bit he wrote on that inspired sense in me that I don't believe I would have gathered until later on in life, had I not read the book now. I feel that similar ah-ha moments could be gained by others who may relate to the diverse array of material Falzone covers in his wee book.

For another representation of Mike Falzone's work, I highly recommend his YouTube channel:
Or easily reach him on Twitter: @MikeFalzone

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