Saturday, April 12, 2014

Combating Depression Individually at My University

Nature and Human Nature
Dr. Kelrick
30 March 2014
Today, because I saw in Truman’s INDEX newspaper that Truman students’ rates of depression are higher than those at similar universities, I felt the need to take a day for myself. Not that I was feeling particularly depressed at the time of reading it, but the article made me aware of an earlier semester at this university when I felt so overwhelmed with coursework and student activities. Naively, I remember thinking I was the only one handling all the responsibilities so poorly, and so, even worse, I began to feel isolated.
            Since building much closer relationships with friends on campus and learning how to better manage my coursework, I don’t feel at all anymore as though I could fit into the statistic I saw in the article. But reminding myself of that time in my life, I needed at once to fill my day with all the things that have led to my ability to be truly content with my school life. The following activities I have completed or plan to complete today in my effort to remind myself what makes me feel grounded:
  •       -Cooked healthy lunch (didn't get lazy with it)
  •       -Visited a friend on campus and talked with them about how they were doing
  •     -  rec center
  •        -Classical music and yoga time.
  •      -  Sit at spot on university farm
  •    -    Wrote for fun
  • -Read for fun (not for one of my English courses) before bed

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