Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Thinking Objectively for Our Future

I suppose it just wouldn't be humanity if everyone was an environmentalist. There's such diversity of thought and personality that must go along with such a large population. Of course I feel like an outlier being a hippy in that respect (as Dad would say), but it's selfish to think other people don't feel just as sad when others aren't also as passionate about what occupies their thoughts.

One thing I realized lately is that Christians believe God would make a species more than capable of wiping out his creation of planet Earth. Not only do they have faith in that, but they're just okay with the fact. And maybe the Christian environmentalists believe that it is one of those innate flaws with which humanity was born, like the sin of the taking of the forbidden fruit in Genesis. I won't be so delicate as to believe that. If God provided us with the capabilities to create sonar, telescopes, personal computers - he made us with the ability also to learn from these tools (developed by humans - the great scientists) how to explore the world.

We should be using science and technology to enlighten us further on even better ways of understanding the universe and our existence. Yes, so much already has been discovered, but as Neil deGrasse Tyson's documentary "An Inexplicable Universe" suggests, we have so much yet to learn; even a man with a degree in astrophysics from Harvard can tell us that.

I am not okay with sitting back and letting theology explain away so many of the questions we have for our existence the way I did for 20 years of my life. Since opening up my mind to new ideas and seeing with my eyes scientific analysis and data, I cannot imagine going back to my previous state of mind.

I am excited to see what more is discovered in space over the course of my lifetime. Just as Bill Nye mentioned in his recent debate with Ken Ham, I will reiterate to say I also believe we should be raising our children to value science for its true merit, not forcing organized religion on young minds so that they are unable to think objectively in ways that benefit our understanding of the universe in the future.

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