Saturday, April 12, 2014

Blades of Grass Sing: My Desires and Nature's Desires

Dr. Kelrick
Nature and Human Nature
6 April 2014
It’s difficult to gauge exactly what we want in life. At any given moment this feeling - this desire - pulling on our conscious may be so daunting that we have no idea what to do with it. Currently, I see that the seasons have a way of mirroring this human tendency in a way we would call personification. For example, in lieu of the recent April rains, the university farm here at my “spot” is beginning to drink up the seasonal refreshments and in answer is happily sprouting some green. It feels to me as though the land has been wanting this moment for months, and now it is exuding its gratefulness in color. But the point I mean to arrive at is that this is one moment among thousands in a lifetime (for the land as well as for humans). Just as the beginning of fall gave rise to a desire for the land to change color in preparation for colder months, human desires change just as drastically.
Unfortunately, humanity cannot so easily change according to its desires the way the lands do according to the seasons. We do not learn anything by default, nor do we live a cyclical pattern like the land. In my opinion, this unpredictable aspect of our humanity makes us beautiful. What I mean by saying “unfortunately” in this context is that it is also what makes being human so damn difficult. I cannot forever sit in this grass - beside this beautiful tree, and live from the land, never to face my fears or figure the mess of confliction that is my deciding on a career path. Though I strongly want and desire to stay in my “spot” - only to change just as the seasons do – I know I must deal with the complications that come with being human.
So much depends upon the choice of a career path. It could be the choice of editing at a publishing house…but then possibly being confined indoors and making me forget how well I love nature. It could be working diligently on my own writing for a time…but then there is the same potential consequence as previously mentioned. It could be joining the Peace Corps…but then I don’t know if my heart could take two years of seeing potentially such misfortune and sadness. It could be nature writing and documentation…but I don’t know if I have the mind for science I believe would be necessary to write the material.
Do I want to seek a career with potential negatives? Can I really afford to be choosey as an English major?

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