Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The Amorous Abyss

This style of poetry was inspired by my recent reading of Sarah Kay's poetry compiled in No Matter the Wreckage.

It's difficult to gauge exactly when it was
I drowned in my love for you.
You thrived on nights upon nights of flirtatious messaging
where I found proximity in the few moments 
we spent together in person.
Your honesty made you into a person
I wanted to be.
Your intellect made it challenging to keep up,
and perhaps that is when I fell 
into the amorous abyss,
only ever able to swim 
when the distance created by our typing fingers 
was our means for surviving in the depths.
Together in person I choked and blew bubbles.
We laughed at the irony of my having spent college
working with words, 
yet with you, mere coherent speech eluded me.
It's difficult to gauge exactly when it was
you broke my heart,
though I must say the ocean floor looks
impossibly dark
now that I can see the sun
through the surface 
of the amorous abyss.

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