Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The Green on My Thumbs

By default, I am a tree hugger, a hippy in this society.
I am a crazy person on a vegan diet.
I am an annoying dinner companion.
I do not eat "normally."
I feel physically pained when my plants are unhealthy.
I skip class or arrive late if the weather is too nice
(I have never actually been sick this semester).
I feel restless when I must be in class on a nice day.
I feel guilt and shame when I have been on the computer for too long,
despite the fact that I love gaining from the Internet new knowledge.

In all honesty, I wish the answers were written in the trees.
I wish it were made necessary for education to be gained only
through outdoor classrooms.

I can remember a time I felt more in touch with nature than ever before.
It was when we lived in Florida.
My elementary school was built with a courtyard in the middle with beautiful trees,
flowers, and paths through a garden.
It was necessary to walk through the courtyard to move from
any classroom or building on the large school's campus.

I remember doing a lesson on bio and then walking outside to go to another building.
I saw and just needed to feel the parts of the flower we had just learned.
I remember feeling so happy that we could be surrounded by such vibrant, living things.

I never felt as close to animals, I must say. I don't know if my love of plants stemmed (pun intended) from this time of awe as a child, but I do know I'm on track for a life of growing many of my own plants. My own plants from which to gain nutrition, and my own plants from which to experience awe as I continue on in my adult life.

I can see the green on my thumbs now, and it's a happy feeling indeed.

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