Thursday, June 18, 2015

Things I Need

Three words bred of an airy conscious:
"I need that."
I need that house, that car, that office;
Then I'll be happy.
I'll be carefree, I'll be dreamily
spending my days in the shade.
No darkness pervades my way,
they'll say.
No negativity to delay my perfect stay
in the house, the office, the car
where I spent today.

No, I don't need that thing
of which once crossed my mind.
I've spent too much time singing of
Things, things, things
That one more might make me flee.

What was it I "needed"
In this place where I fled?
I see no need for greed
in my discovery of
friends, of family, and
the things that I've read.

Experiences become
those special things I've seen:
The best new things I need.

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