Thursday, April 13, 2017

Coconut Oil Everything

Today I have the itching inclination to write a post, yet I don't have any pressing issues or creative content on my mind to share. That's why as I began my morning I came upon the idea that I should post about my health/beauty routine, so that future me may likely have the pleasure of laughing at it. (Readers with very oily skin may benefit as well from beauty products listed).

The following is my daily health/beauty routine in the form of arbitrary steps:


1) Drink down at least one full glass of water.
2) Rinse face with very hot water.
3) Apply a seaweed mask to the face. Rinse after at least 15 minutes.
4) Apply conservative amount of tea tree oil to T-zone and neck.
5) Spray face with vitamin C spray.
6) Apply liberal amount of vitamin C lotion.
7) Apply foundation primer to whole face for barrier between pores and make-up foundation.
8) Brush in light circular motions an organic matte mineral foundation.
9) Take 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar (worst part of my day).
10) Cook all fried breakfast foods in coconut oil.
11) Brush teeth with fine activated charcoal whitening powder before using toothpaste.


1) Remove make-up with textured make-up remover pads.
2) Apply liberal amount of coconut oil to face and neck area.
3) Rake excess coconut oil through roots of hair and damaged areas.
4) Do at least 100 crunches while oil sits (100 Days of 100 Crunches challenge).
5) Shower, rinsing out coconut oil and using shampoo and conditioner normally.
6) Apply tea tree oil facial cleanser with dissolving beads in the shower. Scrub roughly into the T-zone area.
7) Pat face dry after shower and apply tea tree oil to T-zone.
8) Apply liberal amount of facial lotion like Cetaphil or vitamin C lotion to neck and face.
9) Apply liberal amount of lotion to legs if it was a shaving day.

As I read over my usual routine, obviously I am surprised at how lengthy it looks. When you're used to these steps, it really doesn't take as long to do as you would imagine. Also, I don't find it laborious or tedious at all; growing up with and still having extremely oily skin and acne at the ripe old age of 23 has me doing whatever it takes to diminish the blemishing and feel fresh. As you may have noticed, all the products I use are natural. I feel better using these types of products knowing they're good for myself as well as the environment. If you are a reader who experiences similar skin issues, or if you just feel you've experienced irritation from using synthetic products, hopefully this post helped you!

Charcoal powder whitener $10:

Bare Minerals organic mineral foundation $28.50:

Tea Tree Oil $10:

Vitamin C spray $20:

*Note: Most other products come from The Body Shop.

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